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  Vehicle and Fleet Tracking  

Reducing operational costs and improving efficiency are a constant cry from business owners. With Health and Safety legislation also increasingly important,  knowing exactly where your workers are and how they are driving is critical.

Location Services
Every year it costs you more to keep a business vehicle on the road – and the more vehicles you have to run, the bigger the expense.  Fuel, insurance, tax, repairs and maintenance - they all add up. So it makes sense to do all you can to minimise costs by keeping a close track on how your vehicles are being used.

Our GPS vehicle tracking service is the ideal solution. For a one off installation cost followed by a small monthly charge you will be able to know where all your vehicles are and how they are being used at any time. Because it's a web-based system there's not even any need to invest in extra IT equipment to use it.

The easy-to-use tracking software allows you to monitor the activity of just one vehicle or and entire fleet. It boasts a rich and flexible reporting suite that allows you to get detailed and accurate information sent to you automatically if you wish.

If you have a more complex requirement, the system can collect and store information from vast number of telematics devices. The data is then available for integration into other IT systems.

If you wish to learn more about tracking your vehicles, or simply want to ask a question, please contact us.



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