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Mobile telecoms to get your business moving

Whatever sector you're in, however big your company your mobile communications are a lifeline to keep you in touch with clients, colleagues and suppliers at all times.

Because they are such a vital business tool, your mobiles probably get a lot of use. So, without careful control they can be a significant overhead for you. That's why you need the sort of expert advice which Eden Telecom can provide. By recommending the best provider, the most suitable handsets and the most cost effective tariffs we can make sure you're enjoying the very best service at the lowest possible cost. We can even link your mobile network to your IT systems to help you work smarter and more efficiently - and at an even lower cost.

Between us, the team at Eden has over 30 years' experience in cutting mobile telecoms costs for every kind of business. Talk to us and we'll take you through our three step plan to give you the mobile telecoms service you've always needed but never quite achieved.

  1. First we'll carry out a comprehensive audit of your needs and match you with the network providers offering the best deals for you.
  2. We'll advise you on the best choice of handsets too to give you and your taff the most suitable options
  3. Every month we'll analyse your business's phone usage to identify where savings and efficiencies can be made going forward

So if you want a long-term mobile telecoms partner that can carry on refining and developing our service to match the changing needs of your business contact us today.

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“Eden have been excellent in coming back to us with ideas and solutions on how we can move into a more flexible way of working, specifically mobile email and Smartphones. For those who are in a similar position and are yet to embrace this technology, I suggest they consult the experts at Eden”. Sue Carpenter, Total Organisation.

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