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  Mobile Technology - the top selling business handsets and devices  

Everyone loves a nice new and shiny mobile phone, but which handset do you need for business purposes and what capabilities do you need from the phone?

The following handsets are the current top sellers and most popular to the business community.  Click on the phone to read in-depth specifications and reviews of each mobile device.

  Apple iPhone 6S 
The quintessential business smart phone.  Expensive, but a must-have item for many business users who regard their devices as a statement of themselves. Earlier versions can offer a more cost effective entry level.
Apple devices for business
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  Apple iPad Pro and Air 2
Popular and practically essential add-on to a business tariff as businesses use the Ipad as a work option instead of the laptop. Available with or without 3G.
Apple devices for business 

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  Samsung Galaxy A7 and S7
Marketed as the 'Business Companion' this phone is Android based and is squarely aimed at the business community with many business-based features. The S7 is due out in 2016.  The Galaxy range is proving popular as the cheap alternative to Apple.
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  HTC One X9 and M9
Top end offering mobile handset from HTC. Android based with large screen make it excellent for web-browsing and general handling. Built for managing all sorts of media.
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  Motorola Moto G Turbo
Good, all-rounder which comes in under budget for most. Competitive phone for those not seeking to be a social media freak or business management guru whilst mobile.

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  Windows Lumia 650
Ex-Nokia Windows phone - reasonably priced effort which also provides Windows integration with PC software.
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*Listing is a 'most popular' collection, based on new phone sales and upgrades to Eden Clients during the last 12 months.


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