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  Monthly Tariff Monitoring and Analysis to ensure you spend less  

An essential part of our service is to provide all our clients with a simple, but very powerful suite of analysis once a month.

We estimate that a client with ANY level of spend can expect to save 10%* every year if they allow our team to analyse their mobile bill and implement the changes required to squeeze extra value from your mobile contract. 

Whatever sector you're in, however big your company, your mobile communications are a lifeline to keep you in touch with clients, colleagues and suppliers at all times.

Because they are such a vital business tool, your mobiles probably get a lot of use. So, without careful control they can be a significant overhead.

That's why you need the sort of expert advice which Eden Telecom can provide. We can even link your mobile network to your IT systems to help you work smarter and more efficiently - and at an even lower cost.

Between us, the team at Eden has over 30 years' experience in cutting mobile telecoms costs for every kind of business. Talk to us today and we'll take you through our three step plan to give you the mobile telecoms service you've always needed but never quite achieved.

And the best bit is that this monthly service is provided FREE OF CHARGE.  All our clients automatically have our monthly audit conducted on their account.

So if you want a long-term mobile telecoms partner that can carry on refining and developing our service to match the changing needs of your business contact us today.

*An average of 10% is saved annually by clients who adopt the recommendations we make each month, based on standard usage and compared to a non-monitored business mobile contract.


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