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  Eden's Ongoing Client Support  

Eden's philosophy is that once your mobile contract is signed, that is when our work starts.  As well as conducting our monthly tariff monitoring service on all contracts, we also provide consultancy and support to clients on a range of communications issues.

Handset and Mobile Technology
The SmartPhone is now the standard.  However these devices are sometimes difficult to fathom and choosing the correct model for your business needs can be confusing and expensive, if you make the wrong choice.

We can help clients to analyse the usage of calls, texts and data on an individual basis and recommend the right handsets for each staff member.

Wifi and 3G
So you want email on the go for your sales people, and location services for your support staff, and it would be nice to be able to Tweet directly to your company website to keep your customers up to date.  But how do you do it, who will be best placed to action it and what technology will make it easy?

We deal with these sorts of questions day in, day out and can help you ensure you aren't drowned in the technology.

Location Services
Every year it costs you more to keep a business vehicle on the road – and the more vehicles you have to run, the bigger the expense.  Fuel, insurance, tax, repairs and maintenance - they all add up. So it makes sense to do all you can to minimise costs by keeping a close track on how your vehicles are being used.

Our GPS vehicle tracking service is the ideal solution. For a one off installation cost followed by a small monthly charge you will be able to know where all your vehicles are and how they are being used at any time. Because it's a web-based system there's not even any need to invest in extra IT equipment to use it.
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IT Integration
Today your telecoms and IT systems are integrated like never before and as communications become faster and more flexible it's never been so important to make sure that this integration is seamless.

At Eden Telecom we can bring you a service that will ensure sure that all your IT requirements work together in the most efficient ways possible.

We can advise you on the latest innovations and trends in IT, for example Cloud Computing, and ensure that you're in a position to exploit them to your full advantage.

Website and Social Media Integration
A rapidly expanding area with our clients is the harnessing of Social Media to help drive a business forward.  We are able to advise on the use of Facebook, Twitter and your own website and ensure the mobile technology at your disposal will support any internet related aspirations.

If you wish to book a free mobile communications audit, wish to add detail to your tariff test, or simply want to ask a question, please contact us.



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