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  Eden's Virtual Number Service  

Virtual Numbers are a way of providing a local, standard tariff phone number for your customers and prospects which means something to them, rather than an impersonal 0845 number or a number which tells them you aren't in their geographic area.

Why use a Virtual Number?
As well as being an attractive way of encouraging customers to contact you, Virtual Numbers have the benefit that your business can appear to be local, no matter where you are based.  Some Virtual Numbers are also able to generate revenue for your business.  

What types of numbers are available?

01/02 Geographic Numbers
These are standard UK local area codes such as 0203 London, 0121 Birmingham. With over 350 different area codes available, you can use different local area codes to appear 'local' within your advertisements target market.

03 UK Wide Numbers
These numbers were brought in to replace the 0870/0845 number ranges to help stop the price confusion for consumers. Calls to these 03 numbers are charged at the same rate as 01/02 Standard numbers and are included in all bundled free minutes on all mobile/landline networks.

0843/0844/0845/0870 Special Rate Services
General business use numbers, these numbers cost up to 5p/minute to call at anytime. Do not use this type of number if you want to increase the number of calls from consumers!

0871 Premium Rate Services
These cost 10p/minute to call and are now classed as Premium Rate Numbers the same as live chat and date services and many 09 Adult services. These numbers generate you an income of up to 8p minute, however Eden will need to register you with the relevant authorities.

07 Personal Numbers
These can be used to provide a 'follow me' service. For example you could place an advert without having to provide  mobile number.

0800 Freephone
The best way of attracting more calls to your business/organisation.  These types of numbers show your customers you want their business by allowing them to call you for free.

Do I get a choice of number?

Eden will discuss the options with you and recommend the best types of Virtual Numbers for your business.  We are then able to provide a choice of numbers for you, and will also activate and manage the number on your behalf.
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