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  Eden Telecom Client Quotes  

We pride ourselves on the service we provide to our clients throughout West Yorkshire.  If you would like to speak to one of our representatives, then contact us.

"Eden Telecom’s professional approach brought all our mobile communications together, not only saving money, but also hours of management time each month.  Having our mobile expenditure analysed EVERY month, is something we never experienced with our previous provider.”
Terry Harris, Lightwood Plc.

"We have been Customers of Richard's for several years; having been lost in the Mobile Telephone Jungle previously it was a relief to be rescued by Eden!

One phone call or email and any issues are resolved immediately, no waiting in endless queues, no dealing with automated systems, no complicated contract traps, no stress! Anything from admin to technical our Eden representative can and does sort everything and the added bonus is he keeps an eye on usage and lets me know if any irregularities occur.

I would be 100% happy to recommend Eden Telecom – this is a genuine testimonial not a cut and paste from an internet site - any doubt give me a ring on 07836715931.
Susan Cope, Acrivarn Ltd, Pudsey.

  Halifax       Huddersfield      
    We are only 10 minutes away from businesses in Halifax - ready to service your handsets.     A matter of 12 minutes will see us at your workplace to replace or repair, courtesy of our field representatives.  
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  Leeds       Wakefield      
    Only 5 minutes to the centre of Leeds - we'll call in when you call us!     A hop over the M1 and our field sales representative can be at your door in 15 minutes.  
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  Bradford       Dewsbury      
    The ring road may be busy, but we'll be there in 20 minutes.     Our clients in Dewsbury and Mirfield will find us available within 15 minutes.  
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We're your local West Yorkshire business mobile supplier, exclusively servicing businesses from Huddersfield to Wakefield, Leeds to Dewsbury.

  “Eden Telecom have been excellent in coming back to us with ideas and solutions on how we can move into a more flexible way of working, specifically mobile email and Smartphones.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Eden Telecom as a provider of mobile communications.  For those who are in a similar position and are yet to embrace this technology, I suggest they consult the experts at Eden.
Sue Carpenter, Total Organisation.

“Richard always makes himself available either on-site in less than an hour or he counsels me over the phone.  You can’t beat service like that.”
Darren Bowers, Platinum Security, Leeds.

"I haven't got time to analyse our call spend each month. It's a real help to know that Eden are doing it for me.  I just get a call or an email every month telling me what needs to be done and once I've OK'd it, Eden get on and make the changes - it saves me money and a lot of time.  I'm only a small business and my mobiles are now one less headache."
R Lewis, OAR Ltd, Huddersfield.

"I was impressed right from the word go. Richard and his team at Eden got to grips with what we needed really quickly and some of his suggestions helped solve a few headaches and save us money"
Mr R G Hill, AR Construction, Wakefield.


Purchasing a mobile phone and agreeing a network provider reminds me of buying a new car; what should be a pleasurable experience when obtaining the latest technology gadget becomes the classic car salesman pitch of "the car your buying is worth every penny and the car your trading in is worthless!" For once our mobile trade up has been exciting. Richard’s personal attention to explaining geek technology is understandable, easy and enjoyable. What’s more he’s only a call away if you should  hit problems! Can’t thank him enough.
Mark Lamont, DMN, Huddersfield.

  "Good communication is essential to WH Flooring & Tiling as we have sales consultants and service technicians on the road all around the UK. Eden Telecom was recommended to WH Flooring & Tiling to get a good deal for our mobile phones.

Through their personal service we are now using Eden for our Landlines, Mobiles and Data. Eden is constantly comparing phone and data plans trying to get better deals for us, which is fantastic. In short, Eden Telecom does not lock you into a contract and forget about you."
Mark Nicklin, WH Flooring & Tiling, Bradford.

"Having someone actually visit our site to sort out any issues makes a real difference to our business. “Every time I need help, Richard is either on-site in less than an hour or I get telephone support for less pressing issues.”
Mark Lamont, DMN - Huddersfield.

"Richard, Jon and the fabulous team at Eden Telecom have made our lives so much easier! They constantly review our usage, as well as being efficient and pleasant to deal with. Best thing is, now if we have a technical issue or tricky question, they’re our first point of contact. We’ve also referred a lot of our clients on to Eden and they also love the no-fuss, less money approach to streamlining their communications."
John Clarkson, JC Landscapes, Wakefield.

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