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  Mobile phone contracts for businesses in Wakefield, West Yorkshire  
If your business is based in Wakefield, why should you use a Wakefield based mobile phone provider like Eden?

Well, its the way we do business. Many of our competitors will sign you up and leave - we think this is essential to save you money throughout your contract and be available to drop in when we're needed.

Whether its Horbury, Ossett, Normanton or Wakefield city centre, we are local to you.

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When it comes to your mobile communications for your business, you can't afford a handset or your network to let you down.  If you are dealing with a local company like Eden, it means we can sort out a handset, accessory or network problem face to face.

Are you currently dealing direct with a network?  When was the last time they called you?  Let us guess... when your contract was last up for renewal?  We can always beat the networks for service quality AND costs, because we will monitor your account every month in order to ensure your usage delivers value for money.
We believe the business of mobile phones can be complicated for business - so we make it simple.  This is how we conduct our business:

The cornerstone of Eden's approach is in achieving a true understanding of each client's business and then we are able to service the client successfully throughout their contract.  We are a local company, working exclusively with West Yorkshire businesses, which means we can be at your side when you need us.

Call us now and request a free mobile communications audit.  We don't care when your current contracts are due for renewal - our business is about long term relationships.

We understand the frustration of losing or damaging your mobile, so we build in replacements to your contract.  Also, we don't just sell and run - we check your usage each month and recommend changes to save your business money.

If you are based in or near Wakefield, Normanton, Horbury or Ossett and would like your business to both save money and run its mobile fleet more efficiently, contact us today, or try our no obligation, free tariff test on the right-hand side of this page.


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