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Business communication does not start and finish with the mobile phone.  Increasingly we are asked to consult on the integration of mobile fleets with internal communication. We consult, source and also integrate IT solutions for many of our clients.

Today your telecoms and IT systems are integrated like never before and as communications become faster and more flexible it's never been so important to make sure that this integration is seamless.

At Eden we can bring you a service that will ensure sure that all your IT requirements work together in the most efficient ways possible.

First we will take an expert overview of your business and its requirements. Then we'll plan a system which doesn't just work today but will also grow and evolve along with your business requirements.

We can advise you on the latest innovations and trends in IT, for example Cloud Computing, and ensure that you're in a position to exploit them to your full advantage.

We'll also work alongside trusted and proven suppliers to meet all your hardware and software needs and tailor everything to satisfy you, your staff and your business.

In fact we'll be with you all the way.

So take the first step towards more integrated communications.

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