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We take phone repairs seriously - for our business customers, a working phone or tablet is essential for their business to operate smoothly.  What will it cost you to not be contactable or your emails to go unanswered for 24 or 48 hours?

That's why we offer a service where quality and turnaround times are our focus.


At Eden we employ meticulous mobile repair technicians - who will ensure that the most complex device in your pocket will be working again quickly. We understand smartphones and tablets are increasingly important, which is why our service is fast, efficient and convenient.

Repairs are available at home or work - you just make the call and one of our technicians can be there to ensure you are back up and running as quickly as possible.

Achieving a consistently high standard of repair requires experience, knowledge, patience and an incredible attention to detail. We ensure only the best original parts are used and such is our quality that we guarantee each and every repair for a whole 12 months.

Our repairs are available for a range of devices including all models of iPhone and iPad and most major brands of smartphone including Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, Google Nexus, HTC and LG.

Our phone repair service - three simple options:

Option One - drop in
Book a time and pop in to one of our repair office in Leeds city centre or Bradford with your device. We will ensure a technician is ready with the correct part to ensure a fast turnaround.

0800 810 1115 to book a time.

Option Two - we will come to you
Book an on-site repair. A technician will visit you at work or home to carry out your repair. Where specialist equipment is needed then this becomes a collection and drop off service. While this is a free service in Leeds or Bradford, but a call-out charge may be applied for repairs elsewhere.

0800 810 1115 to book a repair.

Option Three - pop your device in the post
Send your device in to us. We will have it repaired and back in the post within 24 hours to ensure you are reunited with a fully functioning device quickly. 

0800 810 1115 to get a quote and despatch details.


Whatever you decide, DO NOT try to open your smartphone yourself and attempt to conduct a repair without knowing what you are doing.  Opening the phone case and tinkering with the components tends to cause more damage than simply handing us the phone and asking us to fix it!
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